Nasheed … (4 short lines)

27 05 2009

Bismillah, Asalamu Alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatu

This Nasheed is only 4 Lines but MashaAllah Beautiul (Lyrics/Transliteration Below)

The sorrow in my heart will remain,

A7zaan Qalby Laa Tazool

أحـزان قلبـي لا تـزول

until I am given the glad tidings of acceptance (into Jannah),

7aatah Ubashir Bil Qabool
حتـى أبشـر بالقـبـول

Till I behold my book of deeds in the right,

Wa’Araa Kitaabee Bil Yameen
وأرى كتابـي باليمـيـن

and my eyes are cooled by the sight of the messenger

Wa TiKiroo 3aynee Bil Rasool

وتقـر عينـي بالرسـول





5 responses

12 06 2009

Assalamu’alaikum. Nice poems.

May i have your permission to put in my FB?

Jazakallahu khir.

12 06 2009

wa’alaykum asalaam warahmatullah,

yes you can .. no copyrights!

21 06 2009
Umm Shurahbeel

would appreciate if you linked back to the original on my blog, as it was translated by me

JazakAllaahu khayr

Umm S

13 08 2009

Asalaamu’alaykum warahmatullah Umm S,

Hope your are well sister.

I actually got it from a sisters mailing list, who translated it – who said we can upload any of her material on our site here.

Khair, inshaa Allah – hope that has cleared the mis-understanding.

BarakAllahu Feeki.

15 09 2009
Shaikh Rizwan Iqbal

JazakAllaahu khayr

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