Islamic Will Writers (UK) – here to give you peace of mind

23 02 2009


– FROM £100

Do you wish to follow the laws of inheritance as prescribed by Allah (SWT)?

Do you wish to have a strictly Islamic funeral and burial?

If yes then you need an Islamic Will.

“It is not right for a Muslim who has something to bequeath to sleep two consecutive nights without having his will written with him” – Sahih Al Bukhari

  • We draft professional wills which are fully compliant with Sharia law and English laws
  • Our wills are approved by qualified Will solicitors having extensive knowledge of Sharia law
  • Prices start from as little as £100 & you can have your will within a week of giving us full instructions
  • No need to make an appointment & everything can be done from the comfort of your home by phone or email
  • For estates above the Inheritance Tax threshold we have ideas to save you tax
  • Have peace of mind that your financial affairs have been taken care of inshaAllah

Just follow our 3 easy steps to making your will:

  • Download from our website our questionnaire and guidance notes on how to complete the questionnaire (or we will email this to you):
  • Complete, sign and return the questionnaire with payment
  • We will review your questionnaire and draft your will based on the information provided. A draft version will be sent for approval before a final version is sent to you in bound hard copy.

Visit our website and download our questionnaire – Please read our terms and conditions on the website before committing.


Islamic Will Writers – here to give you peace of mind.




2 responses

1 03 2009

Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

26 04 2009

Thank You Mike

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