Al-Ghaithi Family – Show them that we are one family

10 10 2008

A family burned in NY, mom died, 4 daughters severely burned due to a gas explosion a year ago, one lost three fingers, one lost her eye sight.

Many non-Muslims have been gratefully helping them, yet many Muslims in NY don’t know about their case.

Their mom was completely unrecognizable at the hospital. Before she died, she removed all of her gold (jewelry) and asked for it to be given to charity, because she knew her death was coming, subhanAllah. At the day when sister Lazeena visited them for Eid, the children, one by one sat on their father’s lap and repeated after him, making du’a for Allah to place their mother in Jannah and to reunite them all together there with her, Ameen.

Then Leena came home. SubhanAllah it was much more emotional seeing her because of her being blind. She walked into the living room, her arms stretched out feeling around. Her father told her she had guests and she was beaming. She felt around the livingroom hugging us, kissing us and giggling. No doubt she was the one who laughed and smiled the most out of all of them mashaAllah. However, it’s obvious she still needs time to get comfortable with her condition. Eating is very difficult for her to do on her own, she also seems to get really irritated and emotional whenever she’s playing with her sisters and they take something from her or even get up and leave without telling her. She starts wailing right away and throwing a tantrum. I can only imagine how she must feel. Remember she wasn’t born blind, she remembers the world of sight I’m sure, subhanAllah, and so now being trapped in a world of darkness will take her a lot of time to get used to, but overall she’s very happy mashaAllah.

How You Can Help

1. Watch, Share & Upload the Video and pass it on to those you know

2. Visit their website –

3. Donate what you can to support the Al-Ghaithi family, options available:

A) Mail a check to the sister in charge or a money order, if you email her she will send you her address

B) Send a donation via payal, which is under this email address: lazeena.hosain[at]yahoo[dot]com

C) Send a donation through Western Union

4. We’d like you to also thank the firefighters and the hospital that took care of them, as the Prophet (SAW) said, “Whoever did not thank people, did not thank Allah.”

Click here to contact the hospital

The firefighter link

5. Send the girls/family a gift, a card, a letter, or a present etc (please email the sister for this)

6. And most importantly, please do not forget to keep them in your du’as!

If you have any questions or comments, you can email the sister in charge of this project at alghaithigirls[at]yahoo[dot]com




5 responses

10 10 2008

SubhanAllah, only saw this project now..and were unfortunatley too late to contribute towards the Eid-al Fitr 1429 Project,may Allah forgive us. We have just donated towards the general Al-Ghaithi Family Fund, may Allah accept – we urge others to donate what they can fesabelillah, for surely your reward will be with Allah on That Day when we will be in desperate need of good deeds

O Allah have mercy on the Al-Ghaithi Family, grant them sabr and relief. may Allah grant their mother a high place in Jannah,ameen.

Our sincere condolenses to their family, and our love,duaas and support.

~JQ Team

10 10 2008

As salaamu alaikum ‘JQ Team’

JazakAllah khayr for your generous donation!

Fear not, there is never a ‘deadline’ in helping out our brothers and sisters in need. We are still collecting donations for Eid ul Adha so you’re actually early, walhamdulillah! =) Again, shukran for the donation and an even bigger shukran for spreading the word! May Allah set our reward with Him in the hereafter ameen!

As salaamu alaikum
Lazeena Umm Yusuf

10 10 2008

Wa’alaykum asalaam wr wb

Allahu Akbar! Thank you for your kind comment, we feel much better now, was feeling very guilty lastnight and dissapointed that we missed out on the good deeds! but not to despair, Eid Al Adha .. here we come!

You have our support sister, inshAllah we shall liase with you over email.

Ameen to you duaa.

~JQ Team

10 12 2008

Salaam ALeykum,this is really sad,i want to help her please I wanna donate 50 euros to her,may Allah accept my donation and may Allah grant us all with health and Jannah Ameen.

I really hope inshallah the little girl will get well soon inshallah,may Allah help her soon inshallah.

10 12 2008

Wa’alaykum asalaam Azir

I forwarded your information, and InshAllah the sister will reply to you, with the paypal address to send the money and address to send the family a card.

may Allah bless you and reward you for your genourosity,ameen.

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