1Eid ul Fitr 2008 NEEDS YOU!!!

27 09 2008

Bismillah, Wa Salaatu Wa Salaamu ‘ala Rassulillah

As-salaamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Dearest reader

I pray you are all in the best of health and upon peeks of piety, ameen. I truly mean that because it will take a lot of piety from the Muslims in the UK to save the 1Eid project. That is if you feel it is a project worth saving. Many have said its ”brilliant” and that ”it is exactly what we need, unity in these times of so much disunity” and so on but the truth of the matter is words can only help so much. The sad reality is we have heard THOUSANDS of good encouraging words and hardly any negativity at all towards the project yet here we are on the eve of our Eid ul Fitr 2008 without enough funding and without enough volunteers. Confused is just not enough of a word to describe how I feel but I did love very much how it felt when we achieved the 1Eid event last year.

If you do not know about it or have not seen the video then you should go to http://www.alfitrah.com and click play on the video box. Please leave us your thoughts and feedback on the video once you have viewed it. Jazaakum Allahu khairah.

What comes to mind is that to many of my brothers and sisters thought and said yes what an amazing project “1Eid” but perhaps you all thought it would be established for you and it would be paid for by someone out of the sky. Don’t you all realise this is REVOLUTIONARY? Can’t we all look ahead five years and see over a hundred thousand Muslims praying together in the face of those who want only disunity between us? Can we not see the need for reviving the sunnah of Eid and praying it how we were instructed to pray it by the prophet of mankind Muhammad sul Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam? Did we forget, and when reminded, choose to ignore his command to bring out the women, even the menstruating and poor women to attend the Eid khutbah? Will we not establish our festival since the prophet alayhi salatu wa salaam said ”every nation has its festival and this is your festival (Eid)” while every one else upon their own faiths have already more than established their own festivals? Will we sit by and hope someone does it for us else we will just remain as we are?

I am a firm believer it is not possible to fix our situation unless we see, understand and admit our true reality and change ourselves first from within so let us start there. Our realities are:

1. We pray our Eid prayer crammed into small spaces (some upon wudu areas or concrete slabs while people walk over our heads) hidden away from the public eye and our khutbah given only to those present.

2. Our women (by the vast majority) remain at home cooking and cleaning waiting for the male members of the family to return from a blessed Eid prayer in complete disregard for what we were ordered with by our beloved nabi sul Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam

3. Our children are told not to show interest in other festivals because we have two Eids but when Eid arrives we show it no respect and offer them fun days and bazaars two weeks or so later telling them Eid mubarak on a day it is not Eid. We disrespect and compromise our Deen infront of them and then parents pretend to be baffled to find their children grow up without regard for their faith. We bore them on Eid by taking them to do the rounds at relatives’ houses for the sake of swapping some smiles and samosas.

4. We limit ourselves when it comes to our obligation of making da’wa. We do not share Eid or other parts of our Deen with the rest of our neighbours and we wonder why they believe what lies they are told by the media regarding our faith. We show them the cultural Islam most of us know and have available on outdated pamphlets and translations of books they have no interest in reading. Did we forget the hadith that the best form of Da’wa is by example? Where is our Eid twice a year with thousands of Muslims showing them our examples of how we worship our Lord and where is our khutbah for them to explain who our Lord is and what makes this Islam so perfect that they must have it and cannot do without?

5. Our committee members in majority (not all) masajid are attached to what happens to collections on that day so much so that they will fight to keep the Eid indoors within their grasps so not to lose what they feel is in their interest. May Allah bless the sincere few who support this revival of the sunnah at any cost in hopes of pleasing their Lord.

It is a heavy price to pay and a harsh compromise we make every year twice a year and whats worse is we opress three types of people when we neglect our Islamic, social and moral obligations regarding Eid. We oppress the Muslim women who miss out on Eid twice a year every year, our future (our children) who have no real festival other than visiting relatives and the odd celebration weeks later, and the people of other faiths who only have liars in the media telling them falsehoods about this beautiful faith.

This is our reality and because this year we did not manage to collect enough funding support and we did not have the numbers we need in volunteers thus it is sad to say we will not be holding a 1Eid festival on Eid ul Fitr 2008. Unless a miracle occurs this remains our announcement regarding our 1Eid event for Eid ul Fitr 2008. That miracle, if it comes true, is you and I fulfilling our responsibilities by donating heavily and generously as well as volunteering our time and efforts.

Donate at: www.justgiving.com/youreid

Volunteer at www.1eid.net/volunteers.php

Spread the word by forwarding this email purely for the sake of Allah — copy and paste this email out to your mailing list now insha’Allah!!!

Hope for a miracle by raising your hands in the night the next few nights seeking His aid for this incredibly important and needed project to succeed.

Keep watching out for our email announcement of the night of Eid. The Eid Celebration Committee will inform us as soon as it is decided and we will forward it to you via email, text and post on our website www.1eid.net – so keep checking the site for updates insha’Allah.

We will continue to prepare for Eid ul Adha and we will be needing the same miracle to ensure we succeed in December and in the Eid celebrations in the years to come. I love you all for the sake of Allah’s pleasure alone and sincerely ask that you forgive me and our teams any shortcomings. Oh Allah I called your slaves to attention so help us help ourselves and enable us to sustain your projects, ameen wa akhiru da’wa anil hamdu lillahi rabil alameen.

Wa salaamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah


Jalal ibn Sa’eed
0208 429 0001

P.S. For those who want to put forward constructive criticism please bring it to us sincerely with your time and energy to help us achieve higher standards.




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