A Reminder: NEVER go a day without asking forgiveness from your parents if you wronged them

29 01 2008


Asalamu Alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatu

This is a few quick reminders & lessons from a Sister whose father passed away last week, Rabinah Yir7amu (May Allah have mercy on him), Please benefit from her reminder and keep her family, and ours, in your duaa …

Jazakum Allahu Khairun

Assalamu Alikum warahmaullahi wa barakatuh

Bismillahi rahmani raheem.

I would like to say jazakumllahu kheiran, wa barakallahu feekum, for all your duaa and great concern. I want to take this opportunity, insha’Allah, to share some reflections and advice that I feel would be a reminder to all of us bi’dnillah.

First I would like to say that I am deeply blessed to be part of this beautiful Ummah that shows genuine care and concern. I would like to inform all of you that all your thoughts, duaa, messages, emails and visits really helped me in this time of difficulty. Insha’Allah you will all gain the reward of helping not only a sister, but also a whole family, in remembering Allah and to have sabr.

I would like to include some points of benefit that I hope would be a means of helping each other in remembering Allah and encouraging good acts.

With this experience I learned a lot. For one, it made me realize that we are NOT in control of time. Allah swt when he decides to call back his slave, he has the right to do so whenever he wishes. Allah chooses the best of time, and the best of place for each of his slave, we must accept the qadar of Allah the good and the bad.

I had come to realize that it’s not enough to say I will do this act tomorrow, or next week, rather if you can, especially with parents, do it as soon as possible. We really can’t fool ourselves thinking that we might have a chance at it in the future. The future is far, but our present in reality determines our future in akhirah.

NEVER go a day without asking forgiveness from your parents if you wronged them…you never know if they will wake up from that nights sleep.

I know our culture sometimes doesn’t help us in being expressive of our emotions to our loved ones, but wallahi maybe that one kind word can melt your parents heart and be your ticket to jannah, wallahu alem.

***Hence, if you never expressed your gratitude to your mother or father, do not wait any longer, or wait till you do something great to make them proud. A small act goes a long way, because we don’t own time, they can be taken away before your dreams for them can ever come true. Remember Allah is the owner of time, not you, and Allah is the owner of his slaves, not you.

***Always, always encourage your parents in doing good. The first people worthy of naseeha(advice) is your family. We don’t want to be amongst does that feel great regret becaise we did not help aid our own parents in doing what is good, and forbidding what is evil.

And in advice comes great sabr, we must always be persistent in helping them learn the deen, and helping them aim for the highest levels of jannah bi’dnillah.

Lastly, wallahi this deen is the most worthy, noble, and honorable deen to be in. We must always feel proud to be muslims, but also work hard to be worthy of carrying such honorable title.

From this trial I’ve felt true brotherhood. Islam installs in our hearts such care, and concern that no other deen allows. The janaza prayer for example, the rasul pbuh urged us to follow a janaza if we can. Such act proves how Muslims must have great concern and care for every mu’min and muslim that leaves the Ummah. Every believing soul has a right on its Muslim brother and sister. The janaza for one, is a last time, a last chance the rest of the ummah has in aiding its brother or sister in Islam. Subhana’Allah, such brotherhood!

And on top of all that Allah swt provides us with another chance, and proves that his mercy is so great. With the hope of having a righteous child making duaa for them, along with sadaqa jaria and beneficial knowledge he has left behind, the deceased might have another chance. Subhana’Allah not only does the sons or daughters improve themselves to reach that level of piety, and increases their chances at Jannah, but they also aid their parents in that as well. Subhana’Allah! It only provides positive hope for the one who is alive to use all that negative energy and convert it into positive energy in order to create positive change. This only proves that we should never ever lose hope in Allah swt, but rather we should always be hopeful of his mercy.

This last point proves the power of duaa. Allah swt tells us to call to him, yet subhana’Allah we are either too lazy, or too arrogant. Let us not be amongst either group. insha’Allah we should learn the etiquettes in calling Allah, and always have that communication line open, for its open 24/7.

Every time one part of the ummah dies, we should fall into sujood thanking Allah for giving us another chance at tawba. For the deceased, their doors are closed, yet what are we doing with our time? Are we really reflecting upon death? Subhana’Allah.

May Allah reward you all with janatul fidous, may we always be a means of a reminder to each other, and may we all unite under his shade in the yawm qiyama.

May Allah have mercy on all the deceased Muslims and join us with them as mu’mineen, muhsineen, and grant us husnul khatima ya rabal ‘alameen.

Once more, I ask you all to make duaa for my father, and mother. For they truly need your duaa.

Lastly, Barakalahu feekum, barakallahu feekum, barakallahu feekum wa jazakum Allahu kheirul jazaa




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